The family heritage, the soul and his biggest purpose

The family heritage, the soul and his biggest purpose – that is what the producer, Omar Secada put into this song and video.

The first words you are hearing in this single are in the Lucumi dialect of the Yoruba language. Lucumí is the liturgical language of Santería in Cuba. It is the language of the Yoruba people, brought to the New World by African slaves, and preserved in Santería, Candomblé, and other transplanted African religions. Omar`s father and grandfather, of Cuban descendants used to say these words as a prayer and encouragement when times were hard.

Through this single and video Omar wants to tell you his story of searching and finding his purpose in life. The search took him through some difficult paths of self discovery and consciousness, to little love and lots of money, to little money, but lots of love, to wrong directions and no thank yous and many more. We invite you to discover more in his next singles and videos.

Up until a few years ago he found himself wondering with no purpose at all through life, until remembering the words of this father in the Yoruba language and started searching for their true meaning. He was pleased to find out he can help through his music, help others be happy, stay positive and always in search for the better person in them.

This is how he decided to dedicate himself to producing music that will always give you a positive vibe and that tells an ambitious story of self discovery and purpose searching.

Find your purpose and never give it up!

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