*A Ti Te Va Gustar* our second single

You will like our second single *A Ti Te Va Gustar*

How do we know? It`s in its title 🙂

As you maybe remember the purpose of this musical project is to brighten your day with music, but not any kind of music, one that combines the classical instrument, piano, with a modern style of music, fusion and beats.

A Ti Te Va Gustar single is about happiness and the power to smile and be grateful of what you have even if you had a bad day or a bad week or maybe a bad year.

Following the project`s purpose, our second single comes to strengthen people through its piano beats. Omar Secada, the producer, tries to tell you that in the end you are going to enjoy life, even if now the times are hard.

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Thank you and enjoy!

A Ti Te Va Gustar, Translated from English means “You will like it”

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