First single and video: PIANO BEATS – Purpose

You all know that feeling when you are excited about a surprise you prepared, but you can`t tell a word about it to the person it`s meant for, because you will ruin it… well, we decided to share some of it with you because we just can`t take it anymore. Just a little bit…

Beats of us decided to explode and share some exciting news > the first single with its video is going to be released on the 31st of March

“The last couple of months were a dream come true because after years of building and working on different project that were someone else`s dream, I finally got the courage to dream a little dream of mine. I decided to create Piano Beats because there is this music in me I can`t control, beating alongside my heartbeat and I want to share it with all, music lovers. Not for fame, nor for money, but for that feeling of bliss music offered me since I was a child. That bliss I would like to try and give back to you through my creations, which are gathered under this name – Piano Beats.” Omar, the Producer

A few hints about the single and its video

  • The name of the single starts with the letter P – The first letter in Piano Beats
  • The video has a happy and positive vibe at the end, so it will leave you full of energy
  • In the beginning of the single, you will hear the Yoruba language.
  • Omar put his soul into this song because the words you will hear at the beginning of the song were often spoken by his grandfather.
  • We are listening it on repeat, we hope you will too, starting with the 31st of March.
  • If you want to hear and see it faster than others, you have the opportunity to leave us your e-mail address and you will receive it via e-mail a couple of hours faster and its release hour.

ENJOY Piano Beats!