Genre: Fusion Piano Beats


We are glad to announce the emergence of a new musical genre, Fusion Piano Beats.

The kind of music we propose through this project is a mix of influences from many styles, such as: Chill out, Latino, Lounge, Caffé del Mar and many more.

Although the world fusion is being used from the late `60s we want to give it another spin by adding the producer`s vibe into it.

Fun fact: the initial definition for explaining the world fusion was: a mix of jazz improvisation with the powerful rhythms of rock.  Up until the late ‘60s, the jazz and rock universes were almost separate. But, because rock became more exploding and its musicians improved and the jazz world became tired of hard bop and did not want to focus on avant-garde music anymore, the two different worlds began to exchange ideas and combine forces. That is the story of how by the early ’70s, fusion had its own separate identity as a creative jazz style.

As most adored genres, it ended up being a “do it for the money” kind of music and as we know, unfortunately rock declined artistically from the mid-’70s on and many of the so called fusion songs, were in fact a mixture of jazz with easy-listening pop music and lightweight R&B. We found artists to say that the expectations regarding fusion were not fulfilled to an extent.

Our purpose is to bring into attention the fusion aspect of the music the producer of Piano Beats is trying to give to the world. Not a fusion created from the need to succeed, but one created from the love of music and its multiple possibilities to emerge and explode.

The Piano Beats aspect of the new musical genre, comes to create each time another piece of music with the producers` signature rhythms and vibes. The decision to incorporate the piano in every story a single tells, comes from the producer`s love for this classical instrument. He is always in search of that happiness that music can feed and he found the answer by adding Beats and pieces of himself in every new composition. The Beats prolong the moment of joy and give that forever young vibe that we all wish to have.