NEW TRACK: Piano Beats – Paradise

You can reach PARADISE through our music!

The new PIANO BEATS single  is called “Paradise”. The track describes very well what is in Omar Secada’s mind and soul and what he wants to convey to his audience. The song is meant to bring those who press the PLAY button to a state of well-being and to think that anything is possible. You need to dare to dream and to channel your energies to your aspirations!

“It’s about my choices in life, and what decisions I took when something or a situation did not represent me (and I chose to rise) and the idea of ​​finding the right path to get where I want without forgetting my principles. Life has shown me that through much work, combined with passion, any desire can become reality, and every success can be a paradise!

The new song “Paradise” is actually a state of mind and you can listen to it anywhere and anytime, either you are driving on the highway to the sea, or you party in the club.

I asked  some friends what Paradise means for them , and everybody answered something else, which is normal, for each of us paradise can be felt when you take your mother in your arms ,when the one you love supports you and says <<I love you>>, when what we create becomes recognized on a large scale, when you first take your baby in your arms, and examples can be many …. the idea is that all these experiences have a common denominator, a state of happiness and well that’s what I want to transmit through my music!” says Omar Secada.

Did you listen our new single Paradise? What do you feel when you hear it?

What does it transmits to you?  We wait for your opinions! Until then: don’t forget to dream! 😃